Cheapest Car Insurance for Single People

Car insurance for single people is not usually cheap as they pay higher premium than a mature driver or married couple. There is an age limit for drivers in the car insurance industry, so if you are a 23 years old single male you will be paying a higher rate than a 29 years old single male so far they have the same credit history and driving record. For a high-risk single driver, the car insurance rates are usually higher. Car insurance companies can offer single women the cheapest car insurance for a driver with a good driving record because they find them less of a risk. There are several other things that you need to consider when looking for the cheapest car insurance for single people.

Driving Records

Another determining single people it comes to car insurance rate is your driving records. If you have at onetime or the other violated any driving laws be it over speedingg or married you will likely pay a higher car insurance rate. Insurance industry go as far back as 10 years to see if you have any driving any higher rate in the past. A lot of times, the rates you pay goes lower as your driving record improves.


The car insurance rate you pay largely depends on the location you live in. For those in areas with higher traffic, the car insurance premium that you will receive will be higher than those in low traffic areas. Also, low crime rate also affect the car insurance and if the crime rate in your area is high car insurance companies can sometimes deny you.

Vehicle Type

Another consideration one time companies look at to determine the rate you will pay is the type of vehicle, the year it was manufactured, and the number of accident claims. If you have a 15 year old pick-up truck or a new SUV, the insurance quote for the truck will be lower than the SUV. Also, the type of job you do and your education status can also determine the rate you pay or the car insurance. For instance, a person who delivers newspapers for a living will pay a higher premium but the education status can help that individual to lower the car insurance if the person has a good grade point average. Check here.

The aforementioned are some of the factors that determine the rate an individual pays for a car insurance. For a female with a clean driving record and living with her husband, the car insurance is going to lower than what a single man will pay. To find can sometimes car insurance for single people, you can do a search online to do some comparison shopping so as to the best for you. Before choosing a car insurance company, make sure you consider your options and needs. Choose a company that can help you to protect your assets at the best rates you can afford.